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14 Step Marketing Plan For Listings - Step 1 Staging Strategies

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From the words of Derek Meyer, a Salem OR escrow officer, you'd think he was a home stager.  He gets it!  There's something mysteriously satisfying about hearing someone else sing the praises of professional home staging.  Thanks Derek.

Original content by Derek Meyer

Friends -

As promised I'd offer up some Internet nourishment from the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Book by Gary Keller. I firmly believe this book is a fundamental foundation to success in real estate. However, many of us dont necessarily have time to read entire books cover to cover. So here is some food for thought.

Step 1) Staging and Pricing strategies

Have you ever walked into a subdivision with multiple homes for sale and the model home is the only one thats furnished and staged? Tastefully decorated, beautiful color schemes on the wall, a hint of vanilla smell and fresh coffee. The home is warm and inviting with a little touch of light music playing. Your buyers are busting at the seems to know where the decor came from and this home seems to be absolutely perfect.

However, you as the agent see the minor imperfections that all homes share. Your ability to recognize these minor imperfections and incorporate them into the sales presentation bares no weight on the buyers emotional attachment to this home. Ultimately the buyers buy the home and they are happy. You have created a relationship for life.

Now, tell me how many times this has happened in a home that is vacated or furnished by its current home owners? I can tell you how most of your showings go. Because I too was once a real estate agent.

You walk into the home, and their is an odd smell. Maybe something that was cooked and not properly cleaned up. Maybe someone forgot to take out the trash? Beds arent made, dirty laundry piled a mile high in the large spacious utility room. Their is a monster sectional and gigantic TV that occupies 3/4 of the living room and bleeds into the dining room making that room appear smaller as well. The kitchen is cluttered with appliances hiding the beautiful counters and back splash.

The home itself fits the buyers need perfectly. Location, price, product itself. You obviously can see that. And you incorporate it into your sales presentation. Ultimately, it bares no weight on the buyers emotional unattachment to the home. All the buyers in their mind see is a cluttered home, funky smell, and unimpressive home. Which means... no sale for you.

I know this has happened to you. It happened to me more than I care to share. That is the power of staging. Happy Selling

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