Do you know who your buying from?

Real Estate Agent Ohio

This is reposted from my website, I don't need the links that bad, so I've reposted it here:

I recently performed a google search on Cincinnati stores, just to see who competed with me in that space for my online stores on

I recognized a few classified sites, but an interesting store came up, selling local logo merchandise. So I did an ip website address look-up, to see who actually owned the store, and found it was someone in California.

So if you want to know your buying from someone local, you might check the about us or contact us, if the tabs exist, if not, you may also check one of the many sites that will look up website owner's ip, they give registration information which may include a company name and address. If it is hidden, you might want to think twice about who you are buying from and whether it is near or far away. Please support your local small business, buy local!

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