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The Harrison Group has launched a new division, the DFW Foreclosure Group, designed to help homeowners facing foreclosure hardship in the Dallas real estate market.

Mary Beth Harrison, a Dallas real estate specialist who founded The Harrison Group in 1995, has developed a marketing strategy and website that is focused on assisting distressed homeowners with finding information and investigating options to avoid the foreclosure process. Harrison is an expert in short sales, a real estate transaction option that banks will consider instead of foreclosure with specific guidelines, DFW Foreclosure Group is determined to provide essential knowledge to homeowners in Dallas, TX facing this unfortunate circumstance.

Tune Into 1190am on Monday, July 27th at 4:40pm for the Wall Street Shuffle.

Mary Beth Harrison will be speaking on...

  1. Why is there so much press given to the real estate market?
  2. Define distressed property.
  3. Define a hardship.
  4. What should a person do first when faced with inability to pay the mortgage?
  5. Why is foreclosure such a hot topic?

Visitors to will find information regarding the process of foreclosure, the effects of foreclosure on a homeowner, and ways to prevent the foreclosure process from continuing. The website features easy-to-understand informational tools such as frequently asked questions, a glossary of terms and free reports, as well as resources that allow the homeowner to get their questions addressed in a confidential manner. In addition, the website offers the homeowner information regarding short sales, often a viable solution to foreclosure that can save a distressed homeowner from the damaging effects that foreclosure has on their credit.

"It is important in today's economic conditions for homeowners to know that they have options other than the foreclosure route," says Harrison. "Statistics show that 50% of homeowners facing this stressful situation often ignore the issue and that doesn't have to be. There are options such as a short sale, especially if the homeowner works with an experienced REALTOR® who can assist in showing the lender the hardship situation and other real estate documentation."

Harrison's new website provides visitors with a description of how the short sale process works, how it compares to a foreclosure, and how a homeowner may be able to qualify for a short sale.

For more information about foreclosures and short sales in Dallas, please visit the website at or call 214-365-6500 or email

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The DFW Foreclosure Group has created a website to help distressed homeowners. For more information, visit Contact Mary Beth Harrison at 214-365-6500.


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