If Your Home Were For Sale, Would You Buy It?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with RE/MAX Property Concierge

As I look through the Pasadena MLS, I see houses that continue to sit, unsold. According to the data, properties are sitting a minimum of at least two months before they are sold.

So what does this suggest for homes that have been "For Sale" in excess of 60 days with no offer? If there has been no activity on your house, the silence is screaming at you. It's time for a thorough review, a complete analysis.

The best place to start is with another Comparative Market Analysis. This will show you what is happening in your neighborhood with similar homes. Have they sold and if so, for what price? Are prices falling or have they stabilized? Is my competition taking price reductions? How long is it taking to sell? These are all questions you should be reviewing with your agent. The next thing you should do is to look at some of the comparable homes in the neighborhood. Attend some open houses. Look at these homes through the eyes of a home buyer, and leave the "my house is nicer than the one down the street attitude" at the door.

When you get home imagine you are seeing your house for the first time. Is the front porch clean and inviting or do you work your way past the cobwebs? Is the inside neat and tidy, are things organized, or are dirty dishes stacked high in the sink, and it wreaks of dog odor?

There are definitive reasons as to why some homes sell quickly and others run for 90 days and expire. Your agent should be able to provide you with suggestions on how to get your home sold. Listening and acting on those recommendations is up to you.

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