Tahiti Beach

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Tahiti Beach is a gorgeous and exclusive community of Coral Gables homes with amazing residential property and a perfect waterfront location. Tahiti Beach has a unique classification, while the community is located within Coral Gables it’s actually a sub-community of Cocoplum. Being that Tahiti Beach is a sub-community of around a dozen homes it makes sense that it’s not its own community. Tahiti Beach has many qualities someone looking luxury waterfront living would enjoy. Its location is just ten minutes from Downtown Miami and Miami Beach. Many consider Tahiti Beach to have the best homes in Cocoplum.

Tahiti Beach homes are truly magnificent, with their classic Florida designs and massive amounts of acreage these homes embody the true nature of luxury living. The front yard of these homes are often decorated with lavish gated entry with long driveways and elegantly designed garden entrances. The backyards are extremely luxurious and often have bayfront pools, beautiful gardens and perfectly designed courtyards that maximize design, location and privacy. Tahiti Beach is an especially good location for its seclusion and incredible waterfront property.

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