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What are you doing to stand out in a crowded market place? A vital role in your continued success is to create ways to stand out, and remain in front of prospective buyers.

Flip over your business card. Is it blank? You are looking at a great opportunity to paint that canvas with testimonials or referral slogans.

Look at your office walls. Are there testimonials and pictures of happy clients? You're looking at an opportunity to display your dedication to your clients.

This quarter, have you contacted EVERY client that you closed a loan or sold a house for? Staying in front of your past clients is KEY to the continued growth of your business.

Have you contacted your Realtor and Builder contacts since the "Sub-Prime Crash" and educated them on what programs are still available?

There are hundreds, even thousands, of ways to continue to market yourself.  Start with customer data base marketing and expand outwards.

DFW Loan Officer

Jeff Schraeder

Imperial Mortgage

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Rob Robinson- Lehigh Valley PA
Bertrum Settlements (Title & Abstract) - Allentown, PA

Jeff - I agree with you !00%.....

........well, other than the referral slogan.  Geeze, does EVERY Realtor and Mortgage Broker use the same line?

It gives ME a clue as to their creativity (lack there of).

Jun 06, 2007 07:19 AM