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I have a very interesting personal story to share, which I believe will be an eye opener for sole proprietors.

I am a sole proprietor of a consultancy firm and my business development mostly takes place through the Internet by bidding on various websites. Being the service provider, business developer and the communicator, things tended to pile up on me. I had no time to give the full and needed attention to any of my obligations. I was juggling from one task to another and, being a perfectionist, I had no other choice but to cut down my client base so that I could concentrate on pertinent client requests proficiently.

I worked long hours without actually accomplishing anything. Finally I realized I was totally defeating the purpose. My clients were not properly cared for, and the whole business was falling apart at the seams.

Since I was working from home I did not like the prospect of hiring someone. Then, one fine day, I came across a website brandishing a banner from 24/ I looked into it, I read the reviews and the services they were offering. At first I was skeptical. How can this be possible? An affordable personal assistant that works from her own home? No office to rent. No equipment to buy. No one in my home, but still doing all of the little things I don’t have time for?

I decided to give it a shot. The prices were so low, what did I have to lose? The monthly charges were affordable and I desperately needed help with.

I chose a personal assistant who understood my business requirements thoroughly. I assigned him the role of communicator and bidder in the first month. With his fine communication and marketing skills he won 15 bids for me (average being  8 ) and also helped me build excellent rapport with my existing clients.

My work load was drastically reduced. I merely provided him with instructions and he preformed all duties on time, efficiently and accurately.

I became curious about the banner that first introduced me to this great service. Turned out,  24/7 Virtual Assistant now has a re-seller program! will offer you plans at the lowest cost possible so that you can take those plans and resell them at your own price.

There are no fees involved to start as a reseller(unless you want a site to be created) You can take their $299/month plan and resell it for $499/month on your site. They handle all the transactions and the client signs up under your banner. As long as that client is signed up you receive $200/month($499 - $299 = $200) for this client. It’s that simple. You can track everything through your very own control panel and request money withdrawals whenever you like.

I was so grateful to be introduced to this service, I signed immediately to be a reseller to offer this great opportunity to my clients. You should sign up today!

Need a Virtual Assistant to help you with your workload? Or maybe you need a Virtual Receptionist to answer your calls? Whatever your need is can help. We have a pool of highly trained Virtual Assistants here to accomplish all your tasks. Just sign up, assign your VA with the task you need and your Virtual Assistant will email you back with all the completed tasks. That’s it! We have ple plans that would fit every budget so whether you’re a small time entrepreneur with a limited budget or a big time CEO we have a plan that would fit your needs. Visit Now!!!!. We look forward to working with you

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