Asheville Home Inspector speaks on old construction

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Do you ever here the saying "They don't build them like they used to".  Well this is true in the fact that today's standards and codes have made homes much safer and secure.  For those of you who don't know, the very first code to be placed on homes was that the chimney could no longer be constructed of wood.  Can you believe that the first chimneys were built of wood.  Yeah, a lot of homes burned down in those days.  Look at today's chimneys, they last forever.

    Above is a picture of my crew constructing a new roof system for a roof in the historic district of Asheville.  The rafters of the old roof were mainly old 2x4s (which would never pass today's code), that were sagging and sunk in the worse way.  If Asheville had received 2 feet of snowfall I'm afraid this particular roof wouldn't have held the load.  We re-built the roof with an LVL hip rafter holding 2x6 spruce rafters.  I feel confident that this structure will hold up a lot longer than the old.  Today we have engineers and licensed contractors, back then it was someones uncle or grandfather guessing as they went.

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