Subsidized compost bins for Encinitas residents!!!

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Okay, enough with all the excuses about why NOT to compost!  You know.....the same excuses I's probably going to smell and attract flies OR I'll get rats in my backyard OR it's too much work OR the compost bins are too expensive.....

Let's start backwards....if you are resident of the City of Encinitas then you can pick up a compost bin for $35.00!!  Yes, that is a Smith and Hawken, snap together, rodent free, 12 cubic foot compost bin that originally sells for $129.00 for ONLY $35.00!!  They also have vermicompost bins (composting with worms) for $35.00 even have choices of how you want to compost.  Of course, I will leave the explaining to the professionals there at the Solana Center.

I will tell you that I am now a composter and I have reduced my landfill waste tremendously by tossing all my fruit and vegetable scraps, lawn clippings, shredded paper, coffee grinds, etc into a big, sturdy, rodent free bin and all I have to do is mix it once a week with a pitchfork and add water if needed.  It does not smell AND I am going to save money on soil amendments at the same time I give my plants the best nutrients available at NO COST to me!

So, let's get a compost bin at more that 70% off, you save the landfills of solid wastes, you save money on soil amendments AND you give your plants the best nutrients available....all for $35.00?  In todays economy where everyone is trying to cut back ask yourself.....can I afford NOT to compost???

What are you waiting for??  Pledge to do one thing Green.....go visit the Solana Center in will feel good you did.

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