Four Areas to Look at When Buying a Home

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Buying a home is a serious investment, so your inspection of a home should be equally as serious. Here are some key areas to look at that can determine whether or not a home will be a good investment.

Electric- Electric power in a home is easy to ask about and even easier to test. Don’t be bashful about turning on and off lights in a home when you visit. Faulty wiring is a common problem in homes and should be discovered before buying.

Foundation- This is difficult to discover, being that the foundation is primarily the interior build of a home. But, some tell-tale signs of a poor foundation are cracked wall or ceilings, additionally if the windows have trouble opening and closing that is also a sign.

Plumbing- This is another difficult sign to detect as it is also unseen for the most part. Try to use the faucets to make sure they drain, check under the toilets, sinks and bathtub to make sure there are no stains which is signs of leaking.

Landscaping- Landscaping may seem like a small issue with simple fixes, but big problems can occur from it. For instance, vegetation planted less than twelve inches from the foundation of the home can cause cracks and be costly. Additionally, larger trees planted close to a home can have a damaging root system.

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