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How Can I double My Business in 90 Days?

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Because I attend many networking gatherings to try and increase my business I hear this from almost everyone from every type of business.  They say how can I get more business?  I am here at this chamber event to grow my business, I am at this BNI to grow my business, I am at this morning forum to grow my business, and I am on this social networking site to grow my business.

Well over the past few weeks on this site I have put in my blog to Realtors that I have a marketing system that not only will win you more business, but if this tool is used effectively it can double your business in 90 days.  Amazingly few people have responded and taken action....

The best part about what I offer is its totally FREE!  I still only have gotten a few people to express interest.  I am really only looking for agents in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Missourri, and Florida.  I have had some reraltors from other states express interest and because I want to help people I am going to allow a few to have the system for FREE in the hopes they can testify how powerful this tool really is. 

My marketing partner has done a short video going through parts of the tool and how great it is.  Go to this site and click on the video www.agentsunfairadvantage.comThis is only the tip of the iceberg on this marketing system described below:


  • A complete professional property website
  • "Texting for" property info with call capture
  • Mobile phone website ZMLS.mobi included
  • Complete dynamic virtual tour created
  • Unlimited pictures, documents and medias
  • A complete showings feedback system
  • Quick and fast online printing of flyer's
  • One-Click classified postings to Craig's List
  • Feeds to popular classified real estate sites
  • Easy to use online browser control panel
  • High quality PVC sign riders in 5 colors
  • 24 hour access to all marketing information
  • Sell more, List more, Earn more!

Did I mention its all free and you are sold nothing in the video.  I use this tool to show Realtors why they should work with me.  I already paid for the system and its totally free for all my agent partners.  I have room for more.

Lender 1 does a great job and always helps your clients and gets your deals closed.  They may give you a deal or two every year.

Lender 2 does a great job and always helps your clients and gets your deals closed.  They also provide a FREE state of the art technology tool that has added 24 deals per year to you and constantly is providing more FREE marketing tools to stay on top.  Including a FREE weekly follow up and through program to stay in front of your contacts.

Who do you want to work with? 

Call or email me I work 7 days a week and will get back to you within a few hours or faster.  Don't wait until your competition has this tool!  Again its FREE!


Jessica DeCastro
Williams & Stuart Real Estate - Cranston, RI

Great info!

Jul 29, 2009 08:27 AM