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What Marketing Tools Are The Most Successful Agents Using to Succeed?

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This is the question all Realtors ask themselves and many of the agents I come in contact with ask me.  It is a pretty simple system that most successful agents I have ever met and work with implement.

1. They work real hard.  Harder than everyone around them.  Real Estate is a full time job and to get the results you desire you need to work full time.

2. They educate themselves on everything they can and stay on top of what is the latest and greatest.

3. They market themselves to everyone and everybody.  They are always creating new potential clients.  Passing out their cards, email addresses, and website info to everyone they meet and talk to no matter where they are at.

4. They become the perceived expert at a specific type of transaction.  Like the short sale expert, the Forest Hills Area go to guy, the expensive home expert, etc.  If you noticed I said perceived.  Many of the best aren't the smartest, or know the most, they make people believe they are, and that's all that counts to the clients.

5. They use technology and out-of-the-box marketing to appear "with it" to all clients.

6. They follow up and follow through with EVERYONE quickly.  They don't ignore lenders request for lunch or anyone else even if they can't or don't want to meet they will respond just to say no thanks.  You never know who will send you your next deal.  Being friendly and professional to EVERYONE is essential. 

Attention! Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, and Missouri Realtors!

I have a system I use with my agent partners to allow them to stay in front of all your current and potential clients to increase their business.  My marketing partner has done a video to discuss how this works and why you should do it.  Watch it and get back to me if you would like to have a lender who helps you grow your business and helps you follow up and through with your clients.  www.kalamazoofollowup.com 

Call or email me and I can help you grow your business.  Ask me about my incredible new single property website tool that's free to my agent partners.

Pat Champion
John Roberts Realty - Eustis, FL
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These steps are essential for any good Real Estate Agent to follow in order to succeed. Thanks for sharing these tips.

Jul 29, 2009 09:25 AM