Check Out The Curb Appeal!

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Main Line

Whenever I take Buyers to see Listings, I try to park across the street from the house we're seeing. I ask them to look over at the subject house and tell me if they feel the house has curb appeal. Sometimes it does, other times it doesn't.  I remind them buying a home is one big puzzle and curb appeal is but one piece of that puzzle. But- all the pieces have to fit. If you buy a home without good appeal from the front, it will be a negative when you go to sell the house.

A few years ago at a Settlement of a house I sold, the Homeowner told me she made an observation when she saw me bring my Clients to her home. She said I was the only Agent she saw who had their Clients look at the house from the street before walking up the driveway. She told me that gave her a comfort level throughout the transaction that I knew what I was doing. One "atta boy" for me!

Next time you're sitting an Open House, look out the window when a car pulls up. You'd be surprised how many people exit the car and waddle up real fast to the house without ever taking time to see what they're walking into.

Talk to you later. Oh, and, "Selling Homes, you gotta love it"!   John

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