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I've gotten back on AR after being so busy keeping up with the new changes( definetely too many to mention), but one stands out as problematic. Any wild guesses? Well, here goes, .....

You would never want to work for your co-worker, right? for various reasons that we'll not get into, so why is it that you will take his/hers advise on the biggest investment in your life...a Real Estate Transaction?

You've employed the services of a broker/Real Estate Agent, whom, I hope, is a full time Agent and has kept up with the changing, they have too, to just simply stay in business.

But, there is an insistance on simply put, not listening to your Realtor. but listening to everyone else. What gives?



You loose 2-3 contracts, get frustrated and blame the Realtor.



Listen, ask your Realtor, address your concerns, do your research online and definitely do your homework. Youy have to know what you want before your realtor can help you find it and yes, things will change, but keep the communications line open.



With all the financial changes going on, there market (DC Metro Area) has progressed and is moving back to a normal market with inventory diminishing. My last 6 contracts have been competing with as much as 13 other offers. Common sense should set in right about now. Do not wait for the bottom in the DC Metro Area, it here.

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