Won't you consider relocating to Colorado...I think you should according to this

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Considering Relocating? Think about Colorado Springs...

Outside Magazine just ranked Colorado Springs as the best place to live.


Outside Magazine lists as a drawback that it might be get this TOO CONSERVATIVE for some people.

As you know, Money Magazine consistently usually ranks it number 1 as well.


If you or a CONSERVATIVE person is considering relocating, I'd invite you to tell them about this family values oasis.  I'd personally suggest Northern Colorado Springs as being the best and the most conservative.

And just to lay my cards on the table, I am not in the Real Estate business and make nothing off anyone moving here. I just know that Soros and others have dumped millions into Colorado and have succeeding in taking over the state government for the first time in decades recently.

The Springs loses out to Denver and Boulder in the state elections but it is still close enough to make a difference.

Pass this along.

Take America back starting at the center...

More discussion of this is here where I posted this topic:


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