"I can't understand why this property isn't being shown"

Real Estate Sales Representative with The Michael Bean Group LLC

I certainly hope you aren't guilty of this as a Broker.

It's Thursday at 9AM.  I have just called your office and requested a showing for Sunday morning.  Spoke to your voice mail and was told by your staff that you would be in mid-morning.  I've put you on my list of expected calls back, as we have mostly assisted showings in this area.

Thursday, now it's 2 PM. I have 5 other homes to show this couple, and would like to get the others firmed up for time.  One other agent has requested the time I originally asked you for, so I call you again in your office and on your cell phone to ask for either a confirmation or agreement to change the time.  You are nowhere to be found.

This continues in this fashion until Saturday evening at 7 PM, when I finally receive a call back from you.  I have already booked the times for the next day with other agents who find it a necessary part of business to call people back in a timely manner, and informed my clients about what we will be looking at. I am sitting at dinner with my family when you finally decide it's a good time to phone me up.  I answer anyway in the hope that you will let me add your listing on at the end of my day with them.

But no!  The only convenient time for you is smack in the middle of the other showings! When I politely tell you that will not work , you are indignant and let me know you are trying to work with me and I could be more flexible.

And you wonder why the place isn't getting showings?

Don't be that Broker. It is a disservice to your client , in addition to being rude to other agents .  Certainly, we are not always able to be available at all times, but a quick call is all that is necessary to try to rearrange to a better time.


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