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"Going for Gold- Will the Real Winners Please Stand Up?"

The 2008 Beijing Olympics proved to be victorious event for our American Olympiads.  We brought home a total of 36 Gold Medals!  Olympic competitions, with its origins in the Athenian culture, are a time for the most skilled, dedicated, and courageous athletes to compete for bragging rights, lucrative product endorsements, and international recognition. I cannot help but boast on Michigan’s own Michael Phelps, Olympic Gold Swimmer extraordinaire!  Phelps is an example of a true winner, a man and athlete all of us can aspire to emulate. However, there is a Gold medalist in all of us, but most of us do not realize our full potential. Am I speaking to you?

Just a few short years ago, I was stuck in a rut. Like most of us, I had been taught that to obtain the American Dream, to be served my large slice of the American Apple Pie, I would have to obtain a college education, enter the workforce, punch a time clock for thirty years for a corporation, and then finally I could retire with still not enough pension or 401k funds to live comfortably.  Did you know that most Americans cannot afford to maintain their quality of life after retirement? Far too many retirees must reenter the workforce at an age where they are not only discriminated against, out-talented, under paid and overworked? Sadly, this could have been my destiny, had I not invested in the real estate market. One day, I had an epiphany that I would never become a millionaire working in corporate America. I realized I did not have to reinvent the wheel; I had to work smarter by making my money work for me. Using my savings and a small loan from my parents, I bought my first distressed property, renovated, and sold it at a $24,000 profit. 

From the moment I held that five figure check in my hands, I knew my life had been changed forever. In the last six years, I have sold over $50 million in real estate in Michigan, one of the most economically strapped states in the country!  The past eight years of economic stress, layoffs, downsizing, and wage cuts have proven that the way to the American Dream is not via 30 years on the job.  The slices of pie are getting smaller each day. How long will you stand by and watch the quality of life you know you deserve slip away?  I said in my first article, “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!” I meant just that. Dig deep and find the Michael Phelps inside of you. Dig deep and find the courage to step out and take control of your financial future. Please know that purchasing real estate property in Michigan’s market is an untapped gold mine.  Do not be left behind; you can also go for the gold! There is a winner deep inside all of us anxiously waiting to come out. You cannot afford to wait another day! Other Olympiad winners, just like you, will be at my FREE Cashinonforeclosures.com Training Seminar September 24th or 25t  at 12:00 PM or 6:00 PM.   Visit my website for more information and to register now at www.cashinonforeclosures.com or call 866-758-3555. Together we can all bring home the gold. Will the Real Winners Please Stand Up?

The Queen of Real Estate,

Annetta Powell


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