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For those who say an open house is a waste of time I beg to differ.  I just did an open house today, although the market is slow.  I had a chance to catch up on some phone calls and reading.  I did however have 2 people show.  A neighbor who was looking for a friend , who I am secretly waiting to hear from :o)...and a family who came through who just arrived from Germany and are living in hotel until they find a home.  I told him to give me his email info and I would send him some listings.  When I got home I did that.....In no time at all I sent him listings.  within an hour I received an email from him can we look at properties on tuesday?  What luck I am having a colonoscopy done that day...So I asked my partener if she could do it..  her first words were is his name Jeff?  I said yes, she had did a public/broker open house for me on tuesday and a neighbor came by and said he had a friend who needed to find a here we are, I would venture to guess we write a contract this week.  This is not the first time I have recieved clients off an open house & caught up on some work.  My best one was when I worked with a couple who were engaged they came to look at a house.  they did not buy that one but I sold the condo she owned, the house he owned, sold them a house.. they got married and now they are expecting a baby and we have become very good friends.  follow up, &  keep in is amazing what can happen.  I have ben told numerous times that open houses are a waste of time....I still beg to differ.

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Jody Orns
Coral Shores Realty - Fort Lauderdale, FL
I agree with you. open houses  do work!
Aug 06, 2007 02:56 PM
Bill Duncan
Home Status Inspection Company, LLC - Haymarket, VA


Way to go.  You just never know where your business will come from.  I just had an inspection come from an inspection for a friend of a friend I had inspected for who was a friend of someone else I inspected for.  Count em.  That's 4 from one all in about a month.   Now if a can just find a couple hundred more like that.... 

Oct 03, 2007 01:04 AM
Lance Winslow
The Car Wash Guy - Malibu, CA
You are right, open houses bring new clients, new leads, new business and they are hardly a waste of time even if the property you are parked at for the day has no bites, you still win, so they are NOT a waste of time, and anyone who thinks that they are is flat wrong, or isn't doing it right. Lance
Jan 21, 2008 05:18 PM

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