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Blue Heron's Preserve at Nanjemoy Creek was established in 1978 and has to date more than 3,000 acres surrounding the Creek. It  is said to be one of the East Coast largest Preserves. The Blue Heron Preserve's rookery used to have upwards of 2,000 pairs of nesting birds. Now the rookery consists of 12 pairs of birds. Blue Heron's prefer Virginia pines, due to the natural cycle and Hurricane Isabel, it will be  20 to 30 years before the trees regenerate and the large number of birds to return.


The preserve not only has the Great blue heron's, it protects 48 tree species, 86 wildflowers and numerous other species. The heron faces many challenges such as loss of nesting sites and the deterioration of water quality and wetland habitat, this is according to information from the U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service's Chesapeake Bay Field Office, 

The East Coast's largest wading bird is often four feet tall, and has a wing span of up to six feet, you will often see these birds in the creeks standing very still in shallow water waiting patiently  for the fish to swim by. They will stay here all winter if the water doesn't freeze; if they can  get food they won't migrate. To learn more about these beautiful and dignified birds you can visit the Nanjemoy Creek Preserve.

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Rita Minion
O'Brien Realty - Solomons, MD

Hello Barbara,

I love Blue Herons!  What a terrific informative post!  It is ashame that only 12 pair of these magnificent birds remain at the Blue Heron's Preserve on Nanjemoy Creek.  Amazing that it will take 20 to 30 years for the trees to regrow for the birds to return to the Preserve.  Thank you for sharing!  Enjoy your Sunday!



Aug 02, 2009 02:54 AM
Barbara Raley
The McNelis Group,LLC - Solomons, MD
When you think of Real Estate, think of me!

Rita, Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post. I have so many of these beautiful creatures in my Creek Have a great Sunday Barbara 

Aug 02, 2009 02:58 AM