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Marketing Isn't Important To Grow Your Business!

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Marketing Isn't Important To Grow Your Business!

Right, how else are we suppose to build a successful business, besides doing some kind of marketing. I have never known any real estate business or any other business for that matter to not use some kind of marketing. Marketing can change a business single handedly, from going under to making it so busy, your are completely swamped! If your business is failing, it is more likely the way your marketing your business and your service. Sit back and think about the way your marketing and do some changes, then see what happens.

Marketing The Real Estate industry is always changing and having the internet has dramatically changed the buyer's abilities to find the home they are looking for. This is why real estate agents and sellers alike, need to be very creative when it comes to marketing their listings or homes. This doesn't mean going out and spending tons of dollars on different places to advertise, there are plenty of free and very reasonable places to market online and offline for that matter. Be creative with your strategies, not just titles and ad descriptions.


There are alot of great places to list your properties online from Zillow.com, point2agent, realtor.com, myrealty.com, flipit.com, and plenty more. There are also places to place ads or flyers for your homes, craigslist.com, backpage.com and plenty more. My Virtual Assistant, Marey Hoeppner, places my listings on several places and watches to see which ones are being seen and then sticks to those ones, but she is always looking for new places and testing them out. She doesn't just place one ad and then alright no hits, then not use that place anymore. She changes up the titles, the descriptions to see if that helps, of course if it doesn't then she doesn't waste her time with it any longer.

We are in the real estate market and we all need to stay aggressive and play it smart, this will keep us all going while the economy takes it's course. Those of us that keep moving forward, no matter how the economy is, will come out on top in the long run. Just remember to keep changing your marketing strategies until you find one that works. Then stick to it, keep pushing forward with it and you will be successful. Good luck marketing!

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Chris Fisher
Your Virtual Assistant - Concord, CA

I have a new place!  Marey Hoeppner IM me tomorrow!  : )

Aug 05, 2009 04:38 PM