Need an honest car repair guy? Leucadia Shell has one!

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It's hard to find many car repair shops that don't try to sell you on the little extras that you really wonder if you need or not.  I go to these oil change places that are notorious for making me wait, then calling my name and taking me to the side to show me just how dirty my air filter is and I really should consider having it changed even though I just was suckered into changing it 6 months ago when I was there last.  I always have this creepy feeling knowing I am going to have to give the oil change guy some silly reason why I don't want to be taken advantage of this time and try to get my reasoning ready before my name is called...."hmmm, I'll ask my husband if it's okay and let you know next time" or "really? i didn't think you need windshield wipers in San Diego but I will keep it in mind next time it rains"...or "I just came here to get my oil changed, but, thank you anyways!"

Well, I know a place to bring my car where they are consistent with being reliable and honest and not trying to sell me on something I need.  Leucadia Shell is the only place I will bring my cars when I need them to be repaired and I want to trust the person that is going to work on them.  I have been bringing my cars there for 20 years and Guy Maher has been working on them since the first time I drove in to have my Honda checked before buying it.  Since then, I have had many cars that have needed all types of repairs and I always go to Guy and know that I will have it fixed in a timely manner and that he will not overcharge me or take advantage of me. 

Leucadia Shell also does Smog out Guy for all your cars needs...he is the best in town as far as I am concerned if you want a trustworthy auto repair "guy"! 

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