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Services for Real Estate Pros with 247virtualassistant.com

We are living in a lightning fast age. We want everything to be available and accessible all the time and hence the concept of 24/7 customer service, 7/11 stores, all night shopping, drug stores to name a few. Recently I saw an advertisement for an Internet company, which read “Impatience is the new life”. The gist behind the advertisement was the speed and availability that we all seek in our life. And this goes both for our professional and personal life.

Companies like 24/7 Virtual Assistant, who are able to provide multi access channels and anytime contact, are winning accolades from customers. Companies that have set specific time limits during which they are accessible have to face tough competition. And when it comes to seeking professional help in the form of consultants or assistance, we want that 24/7 as well. The Internet makes this possible.

When we employ assistants in the traditional manner there is a barrier of when they can be contacted and from where they can be contacted. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get professional help on-line with 24/7 accessibility? That is exactly where a virtual assistant comes in, so we can truly globalize our  vision and our business. 24/7virtualassistant.com has a professional team of experts trained in various business areas and skills.

On signing up you select a dedicated virtual assistant who can be contacted from anywhere and anytime of the day through email or by phone.  A virtual assistant can assist you with data entry jobs, communication jobs, accounting and information posting, reservations, meeting scheduling, personal shopping, planning, reporting to name a few. You can discuss your requirements with your virtual assistant and be confident the job will be done correctly. So get on the 24/7 wagon and join 24/7 virtual assistant.

And now, a new added bonus at 24/7 Virtual Assistant is the re-seller program! 247VirtualAssistant.com will offer you plans at the lowest cost possible so that you can take those plans and resell them at your own price. There are no fees involved to start as a reseller(unless you want a site to be created) …so pretty much you can take our $299/month plan and resell it for $499/month on your site…Our site handles the transaction and the client signs up under your banner. As long as that client is signed up you receive $200/month($499 - $299 = $200) for this client. It’s that simple. You can track everything through your very own control panel and request money withdrawals whenever you like. Sign up today!

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