Rate Update: 3.49% is Available! Thats Right, I said 3.49%!

Mortgage and Lending with Wholesale Mortgage Services Individual NMLS ID 331194

Heres the catch: In order to get this rate, you gotta have at least a 750 middle fico score, an ltv of 75% or below, a loan amount of $250,000 or more (up to 417,000.00) and its gonna cost you 1.5 points total. If its a purchase loan, the cost is only 1.25 points. One last thing, this is a 5/1 adjustable and these rates are for Florida only (other states could be more or less, but i mainly do loans in florida). If you want a little more security, i can do a 7/1 arm at 3.99, same cost. Get em' while they're hot, these rates wont last long! (apr 3.6 and 4.09 respectively and obviously not everyone will qualify for these rates)

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Vickie Nagy
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate - Palm Springs, CA
Vickie Jean the Palm Springs Condo Queen

You had me! Until you said "Florida only", that is? Are these funds from a small fund? Why would it be Florida only?

Aug 03, 2009 05:09 PM
Jim Hale
Eugene Oregon's Best Home Search Website

You had me until you said 5/1.  I try to stay at ARM's length from adjustables.  Is this a hot item in Florida?

Aug 03, 2009 05:27 PM
Joseph Mazzei
Wholesale Mortgage Services - Tampa, FL
Why pay retail you you can get it Wholesale?

Vickie, let me rephrase that. I am only doing this loan in florida. you can get this loan elsewhere. Its not a small fund, it's from one of the largest banks in the country (top ten)

Frank, this is a hot item everywhere. I like your pun though. arms are not for everyone.

p.s. i edited my article to say that you can get this rate elsewhere, but i am mainly a florida broker.

Aug 03, 2009 05:41 PM
Joseph Mazzei
Wholesale Mortgage Services - Tampa, FL
Why pay retail you you can get it Wholesale?

Jim, one question. How many loans have you had in the last 30 years? I realize you may be averse to arms, but whenever some tells me they only want a 30 year fixed, i always ask them how many loans they have had in the past 5, 10, or 30 years. the answer is usually more than one. So why get a thirty year loan if your not gonna be in the loan for thirty years?

Sep 18, 2009 04:35 AM

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