Wolf Trap - not just for concerts!

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For those of you who live close to Wolf Trap AND to those who don't live close but are within in driving distance....THIS IS A MUST-DO -- take time to visit this BEAUTIFUL (and only) National Park for the Performing Arts -- especially during the day when there are no events scheduled.  We live just behind Wolf Trap, so I have the privilige of being able to walk through the woods to hike or run through this property on a daily basis, and I can't begin to tell you how much I treasure this area.  It's GORGEOUS!  If you've been to a concert there, this is a VERY difference experience seeing it when no one besides the park rangers and staff are there.  You can't begin to take it all in with the croweds.  however, early morning or mid-day, when all is quiet, you can walk, run, roll, climb, etc.  I like to run the steps, the parking lots, and the trails along the creek in the woods.  My dogs like to roll in the deer poop, and I when no one is around (especially dogs or children), I often let them run free up and down the long, sloping, grass-covered hill.  This park is absolutely pristine & glorious, with thoughtful plantings surrounding the park, huge, healthy, swaying trees, and waving, brighly colored flags flanking the entrance.  So check it out!  It's vast, clean & peaceful, and a real treat to explore during off-hours....and open to the public!  Enjoy!

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