The Eastman Community now has an incredible building that everyone can be proud of. The new South Cove Activity Center has opened and I’ve heard nothing but great reviews! From the updated computer/phone system, WiFi, activity rooms and kitchen. Even the kids game room has kids playing in there. Clean bathrooms and locker rooms, all new exercise equipment in a room at least twice the size of the old fitness room. Flat screen TV’s everywhere.

Walk in and fine the recreation department right there by the front door. Need answers to questions and there is someone at the desk to help you.

The only issue is the pool opening has been delayed but should be ready to go by the end of the month. However with the lake being so warm, I would much rather swim outside. Here are a few photos of this new building.

South Cove 1

South Cove 2

South Cove 3

South Cove 4