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RW LogoTaking a look into a Realty World Real Estate Franchise.  At one time or another, when an agent or broker is ready to take the next step and open their own office, they will ask themselves, should I buy a real estate franchise, and which one should I choose?  A great place to start is with Realty World, a pioneer in real estate franchising, with over 35 years experience in real estate.  Realty World offices are located through out the United States and in other countries such as Mexico, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Mexico, Turkey and soon to be in Romania.  

What makes Realty World unique as a real estate franchise is that it is owned and operated by Realtors.  The Owner, the President, and the Vice President, are not only Realtors, but have operated large real estate offices, and they understand what it takes to manage an office and their agents.  Realty World is privately owned and not part of a big conglomerate, therefore, when the market changes, Realty World can adjust with it.  Being able to adapt to the real estate market as it bobs and weaves through its cycle, is critical for any company to stay above water.  Realty World is a real estate franchises that has the ability to continually adapt to market conditions.

House for SaleWhat is your number one priority as an owner of a Realty World real estate franchise?  It is the ability to attract and retain productive sales agents.   How is this done?  This is accomplished by offering your agents the most unique and powerful marketing systems and tools to build their customer and referral pipeline.  Along with this, you need to offer your agents education, training, and the knowledge to prepare them to be successful in today's market place.  The systems, tools and the information that you provide, will not only empower you as a broker/owner to recruit agents, but will also empower your agents to attract buyers and sellers.

When deciding on a real estate franchise, it's important to consider the franchisors ability to help you grow through their systems and tools, education and training, and support.  Realty World is there to meet all your needs and give you the freedom to run your office.  For more information about Realty World and their real estate franchise, please call Brad Cooper, the Director of Franchise Development, at (800) 684-4984.  You can also read my future blogs where I will review the systems and tools which make Realty World the right choice for your real estate franchise.

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