Capay Valley

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The Capay Valley is located near the California Coastal Range the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is approximately 1.5 hours North from the San Francisco Bay Area. It is one of the last gems in Northern California. Capay Valley offers residents and visitors an abundance of natural resources to enjoy. The communities of Esparto, Capay, Brooks, Guinda, Rumsey and the surrounding area along State Highway 16 make up what local residents of Yolo County call "The Capay Valley". In the midst of the Valley is all year around Cache Creek, which was named by the Hudson Bay trappers for the "caches" often stored in its banks for safe keeping. Capay Valley was the ancestral home of the Wintun Indian Tribe until it was subdivided in 1850 by early pioneers.

With its rich agricultural soil, Capay Valley farmers produce lavender, olive oil, tomatoes, corn, vegetables, almonds, walnuts, fruits and various grains, while contending with natural insects, variable rainfall, wildfires, and rooting feral pigs, hungry deer and wild turkeys, doves and more.

Many of the organic farmers in Yolo County have chosen the valley as home for their natural produce, which some of the finest that exists.

Throughout the oak and pine studded hills on both sides of the Valley, several large cattle ranches uphold the ranching tradition that dates back to the Spanish Land Grant - Rancho Canada de Capay.

In addition to its natural beauty, history and agriculture, the Capay Valley offers recreational activities such as rafting, camping, biking, swimming, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, hunting, equestrian center, casino resort/spa, winery and agri-tourism.

The Capay Valley a get away...everyday.

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