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Whether or not you have friends or heard through the grapevine that Costa Rica is a great place to invest in real estate the answer is yes. How you get here is different for everybody. Some people learn about Costa Rica from going on vacation, others get phone calls from sales people talking about their real estate development in Costa Rica. Still others learn about Costa Rica Real Estate from their financial advisor and this is because it is a wise investment for people in the age group of 30-45 years old.

The market here in Costa Rica for real estate has been booming along with the global increases as well. What has not happened is the fallout from the latest economic crisis has not affected the development or values of the properties here. The properties that are the hottest here is Costa Rica Condos and those that are being built in Jaco. The Jaco area is the hottest area in Costa Rica for development and the capacity for sustained tourism. Guanacaste is totally different and has been attracting its own sort of investors who are more speculative rather than actual users of their property purchase. The Guanacaste area requires people to drive long periods to get anywhere they want to go and it is not easy just to get on a bike and go riding. That is not the case here on the central pacific where you can walk most places and buses are abound with many routes where you can get to where you want with a few dollars and a watch.


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