Five Reasons for First-Time Homebuyers to BUY NOW!

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty

5. Unemployment rates went down in the month of July for the first time this year.

4. Sales in July were up to the highest levels since May of 07.

3. Prices are at the same levels as 2005.

2. Interest rates are near historic lows, hovering around the low 5% for a 30-year fixed.

1. First-time homebuyers get an $8,000 tax credit if closed on a house by Dec. 1st, 2009.

 Inventory is being snatched up much more quickly. The good deals have offers on them right away. I have had two listings with full-price offers on them within 24 hours of putting it on the market.

  I would just hate to have you miss out on the best market to buy. Already I would say March 09 was the best time to buy and we are on the up-curve now. Could we have another slight drop in the near future? Possibly around Dec - Feb, but probably not much and the $8,000 tax credit will be gone by then, unless the government reinstates it.

All indications show we are in recovery for the lower end real estate market in our area.

Now is the time!

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