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                               Recently some changes were made to investor guidelines to help improve sales within the commercial market. Some of our investors have noticed that in this slow market commercial sales have barely declined and they are taking advantage. In past years the amount of down payment required on commercial properties made it difficult for small time investors to purchase commercial buildings. If the DSCR or Debt Service Coverage Ratio was less than 1.2% that would also kill your deal. These are two obstacles I no longer deal with. Some of my commercial products have helped me increase my business simply because borrowers can not qualify through anyone else. I want to share them with you so you can increase your closing ratio as well. Some of my niche products include:

 97% LTV Purchase and Cash Out Refinance on Owner Occupied Properties.

 90% LTV Purchase and Cash Out Refi on Non Owner Occupied Properties.

 Both above products are funded by the lender!!! I know some lenders will allow this high LTV if the seller is holding a second.

 DSCR <1% We can now use the income of the property and the borrower to qualify for the loan!!!

 No DOC and Low DOC Commercial Loans.

 One Use Pad Sites approved case by case.

 Gas Stations OK.

 Declining Fixed Rates with clean payment history.

 30 Year Amortization with No Balloon!!!

 Hard Money Rehab Loans.

                                If you are having trouble getting your commercial clients approved give me a call!!! I would love to help you close the deal that nobody else can do.

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Springfield, MA
You got to be the right kind of Agent to sell commercial I feel- me, I rather sell homes than get in with number crunchers.
Jun 08, 2007 03:30 AM