Fairfax South County Surprise: Gunston Food Mart & Deli Turns Into 7-Eleven!

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Gunston Corner Village Sign with 7-Eleven banner  Gunston Corner Food Mart and Deli storefront with 7-Eleven sign 

Fairfax South County Slurpee fans got a surprise this Monday when the former Gunston Food Mart and Deli officially turned into a Lorton, VA 7-Eleven store.  Many neighbors learned about the store conversion when they saw the bright "Now Open 7-Eleven" signs on the sides of Lorton Road and Silverbrook Road and the banner on the Gunston Corner Village Center marquee.  This location is so new, it isn't showing up with a 22079 ZIP Code search on the 7-Eleven Web site, and the primary signage isn't up yet.  

The Lorton 7-Eleven store layout and offerings are quite different from the Gunston Food Mart and Deli, while the ownership is the same.  Some veteran 7-Eleven employees are staffing the store to give it a good start, and ensuring that the coffee, Big Gulps (R) and Slurpees (R) are true to the brand.  One employee noted that she's worked with the company for many years, and would be reducing hours once the school year starts and others are trained to take over; her other job is as a school bus driver in neighboring Prince William County, south of Fairfax County.   

Lorton locals may miss the deli counter where one could custom order breakfast, lunch and dinner, and hopefully they'll appreciate the trade-off of having more ready-made foods like taquitos and pizza by the slice.  That seems to be the case with one customer who works nearby and was marveling at the variety of the new 7-Eleven offerings. "I can't tell you how happy I am!" she exclaimed in delight, on her way to the Slurpee dispensers.  If it's already this well-received by Lorton area professionals, I wonder how it's going to to over with anyone going to South County Secondary School and Laurel Hill Golf Club players?!   

The new South County area 7-Eleven.  8228 Gunston Corner Lane.  Lorton, VA  22079.  Tel. 703-690-2463. 

If you're curious about how the new 7-Elven store is doing in this Lorton, VA neighborhood, want to buy or sell a home near it, or want to know my favorite Slurpee flavor, please contact me, Lee Ellis, Fairfax South County REALTOR



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