Clean Clogged Dryer Vents to Prevent Fires and Reduce Dryer Repair Calls

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The number one cause of dryer fires is reduced airflow from lint build-up inside the dryer and in the dryer ducts.  As the dryer labors to force heat and moisture through the clogged dryer vent system, a spark is thrown; the flammable lint ignites and creates perfect fuel for a rapidly spreading fire.


Proper air flow keeps drying time down, which keeps operating costs down.  Proper dryer vent cleaning and maintenance ensures your dryer is operating safely and efficiently.


Be sure your dryer duct system meets local codes.  Vinyl and flexible foil venting are not up to code; use semi rigid or rigid metal to achieve maximum air flow, extend the life of your dryer and reduce wear on your clothing.


Your clothes dryer was built to last; not too much can go wrong with it if the dryer vent system is installed properly and is properly maintained.  Many people call a dryer repair service when they notice increased drying times.  They think something in the dryer is wearing out; this is rarely the case.


Increased drying time is due to a lack of air-flow.  A dryer vent cleaning technician is who you need to call; not a dryer repair service.  In fact, most dryer ailments are caused by lint build-up; cleaning dryer vents cures most dryer ailments.


Emilie Benvegna owns Dryer Vent Wizard of Charlotte, NC.  DVW specializes in all dryer exhaust issues; they provide dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation to make clothes dryers operate safely and efficiently.  Learn more at




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