How to ask for testimonials

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Today our topic is "How to ask for a testimonial letter." We are going to talk about why you want to use them, how you generate them and what specifically to ask to create marketing messages that simply sell.

Top sales people have been using testimonial letters to sell products and services from the beginning of time. This is no big secret. So why don't more people use them on a regular basis? I have been telling sales people to do this for years and I wondered why so many of them where not doing it. So I called a bunch and asked "Why aren't you using testimonials in your marketing?" I got a number of responses but the most common one was "I just don't feel comfortable asking for them." Today we are going to put that reason front and center and make sure everyone reading, listening or watching can generate great testimonials.

Please take a moment to prepare for next weeks meeting "Testimonials in Email". I will be sending you emails do the exercises and let me know how it went.

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