Do you know your cities walk score?

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How does your city/town rate for -- walkability???>

There is a great new service out there that tells you and all your possible vistors /buyers -- how "WAlk Able" your city or town is!! 

 This is a great site -- you can enter your zip code -- or seller address and see how it rates.  I checked mine for savannah,ga -- huntingdon location and found out we had a walk score  of 87-- not too bad out of 100.  Didn't find a 100 score but ran out of time--to keep checking other cities.

If you check historic savanah-- for various addreses you get diff. walk scores-- bay st. vs. broughton--but all these areas are super walk able -- regardless of the score you see -- you will love walking the streets.

Walk score is based on ease of walking to shopping , entertainment, and other venues--espec. great in this era of eveyone conserving on eveything -- especially gas!!   ck it out  And see how your location rates-- I found it fascinating.

If you are thinking of Savannah:::

 I also  know some great walking tour companys to help you see Savannah "by foot"and up close and personal.-- one of the best is   - which operates out of Beautiful Johnson Sq. --reservations required. Great walking tour. (tell Dan I told you to contact him --because he stays booked-- so you can have a special/great tour with him).  There are also the ghost tours which are popular!!

As an aside  if you are planning to visit Savannah-- the Bull Street corridor -- is considered the" best walking street " by several national publications.  So many historic property's to see on the walk-- artist galleries,  shops, the law office of  Sonny Seiler ( lawyer in  The bk-- owner of the GA.Bull dog) the end of bull is forysth Park.

 So come visit us.  I will be happy to show you our great town or make some recomendations-- on  places to stay, play and enjoy our great city.

Do not hesitate to contact me -- I love telling people how great Savannah is and what are the latest happenings-- fyi-- upcoming is the 20th annual Jazz festival in Forsyth Park  in  late sept.  A great open air venue w/ multiple jazz groups playing  every night from thurs. to sat.

If you are interested in jazz or anyting else Savannah -- let me know!!---andrea





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Irene Tron
Valparaiso, IN

Very interesting site.  Thanks for the link. I thinks it may be very helpful with some clients.

Aug 10, 2009 12:08 AM
andrea re
Mopper-Stapen,Realtors - Savannah, GA

greetings-- Irene.

thanks for the response. I think the site   is just great for tracking your towns "walkability"for your self and buyers moving in--- I have enjoyed using it.   and passing it on to buyers.


Aug 10, 2009 02:37 PM