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Realty WorldWhen deciding upon a real estate franchise, the systems and tools that they offer are going to be a major part in your decision process.  Realty World Inc. offers a very unique and powerful set of systems and tools that will not only empower your agents to network and build up their pipeline.  They will also empower the broker/owner to attract new sales agents.  Recruiting is going to be your number one priority in your Realty World real estate franchise.

As a broker/owner of a real estate franchise such as Realty World, the systems and tools that you have to offer are a key factor in your recruiting practice.  Most broker/owners that I speak with, who are interested in a real estate franchise, have problems attracting agents.  Most broker/owners believe that they have much to offer their agents in the terms of their experience, but they need more then that to attract good sales agents.  They need to offer a proven set of systems and tools that will give their agents the ability to build their pipeline and help them stand out among the competition. It is Realty World's goal to empower our broker/owners and give them the confidence they need to attract and build a team of productive agents.  This is what a real estate franchise should offer their franchisee.Agents

The Realty World real estate franchise has many systems and tools in its arsenal.  Their compensation programs consists of Life Time Income Version 1and 2, which is a great way for our offices to attract and retain top producing agents.  With 6 streams of income and with up to 50% in residual income, Realty World offices have plenty to offer.  Realty World's new Main Street compensation program provides our broker/owners with a monthly stream of income while giving the top producing agents a true 100% program.  The Realty World real estate franchise has "World Class" marketing systems and tools which consist of Ads and Deals, Move In and Out, JobYoYo, $15,000 Sweepstakes, and a Platinum Rewards points programs.  They are all designed to give agents the edge they need to be a step above the rest, and build a pipeline with potential buyers, sellers and referrals.  The reason why someone considers a real estate franchise, are the systems and tools that Realty World has to offer.

In my future blogs on the real estate franchise, I will be discussing some of Realty World's systems and tools in more detail, to give you a better idea on how they work.  The key is that the systems and tools work on two levels.  They empower the broker/owner to attract new sales agents, and they empower the agents to attract buyers and seller.  If you are considering a real estate franchise, please contact Brad Cooper, the Director of Franchise Development at Realty World, at (800) 684-4984.  Realty World is the right choice for your real estate franchise. "Our name opens the door, our agents close the deal!"

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