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Normally here... in beautiful Green Valley, Arizona, we are dodging the frequent cooling scattered showers that we know as the "monsoon season".  Routinely every summer usually beginning about July 4th to about the 6th or 7th of September, we are blessed with the very pleasant and entertaining spectacle of the monsoons.  This year we are down about one third of the expected rainfall by this time year to date.  Along with the anticipated moisture usually there is an accompanying electrical lightning storm.  Laura loves to sit on the front porch and watch the show.  Quite often the lightning puts on a spectacular display.

However, this year is a strange year for weather period.  I was reading that Chicago had been averaging 69 to 70 degrees ....which is the coldest summer average temperature in over 65 years.   Well, there is still time left to have more rainfall before the middle of September.
We are all waiting for it.  In the meantime, it has been a sensational summer for outdoor sports and hiking-not to mention just plain old sightseeing.

We just got back from a day trip yesterday to Bisbee.  It is an old mining town just south of Tombstone.  Laura and I took some folks to Dot's Diner.  It is a great 50's diner that was moved from California, installed in Bisbee along with a caravan of Air Stream trailers that are configured into a bed and breakfast.  Dot's serves great burgers and breakfast in the small vintage diner...I did cheat on my diet and had one of their sensational old time chocolate malts complete with whip cream and a cherry!   There are so many fun places to visit once you are situated here and find out where they are.

The real estate market is picking up here.  We have closed two houses recently.  It is turning out to be a much better year than last year for the real estate market here in Green Valley.  Well, I hope you will visit us on our website: (I will save the statistics for you next month)  We look forward to meeting you personally...and perhaps show you a home or two!!!

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