Traffic control on a (already too) busy street in the hills of Sherman Oaks

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I am now seriously concerned.  

I drove down my street toward the Valley the other day and, low and behold, there was a traffic speed measuring device parked on the up-slope of the know, one of those that tells you how fast you're going as you approach it.

It was not only on an up-slope, but it was positioned 50 feet BEFORE a stop sign.  

It made me ponder the purpose of its measurement and the agenda of those who placed it THERE! If the intent was to establish average speeds on that thoroughfare during the morning commute, they completely missed the boat...which makes me wonder who is behind this "measurement."

I left a note on the divice hoping I would hear from those respnsible for its placement, but to no avail.  

I any of you might know, please post your response here. 

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