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August 11th, 2009

I live in Fish Creek.  My office is in Ephraim. My commute to work is ten miles.  One mile is on Juddville Road, a paved country road with no center-line.  Six miles are on a County Road A which is a bit wider and does have a painted center-line. The last three miles are on State Highway 42, a two-lane highway that is the main street in Ephraim. There are three stop signs on my way to work but no traffic lights because there are no traffic lights in northern Door County.  The drive takes about 15 minutes.

This morning . . .

On Juddville Road a wild hen turkey, her chicks following obediently behind, crossed the road in front of me.  I stopped and waited for them.  Wild turkeys are a familiar sight in Door County, with large flocks frequently trekking through the fields.  They do fly, although clumsily, and only when alarmed.  My neighbor raises beautiful horses, and I pause to look at her two young colts. My Boston Terrier, Oscar, trembles with excitement at the sight of the horses.  Oscar goes to work with me every day.

On County Trunk A, I spied two sand hill cranes in a field. I've seen as many as twelve at one time and sometimes stop to listen to their curious call which is something like castanets.  I met seven cars on "A" this morning-(I counted because I planned to write this blog today.  I also passed two joggers and a lone bicyclist.

At the driving range at the Peninsula State Park golf course, I saw an elderly woman taking a picture of her husband (I assume), golf club in mid-air, recording for posterity their vacation.  It's the height of the tourist season in Door County; so, as I drive through Ephraim (speed limit 25 mph), people are walking and jogging along side the highway (no sidewalks in Ephraim), some with their dogs, some with their morning coffee.  The outdoor tables at Leroy's coffee house are full.  Boaters are already at the docks preparing for a day on the lake.  The highway runs right along the shore, so I always glance at the boats moored in the harbor (somewhat longingly, I admit).  At one of the docks, sailing instructors are preparing their young charges for a morning on the water. 

Past the docks, up the hill a bit, and I'm at my office.

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Greg Saffell
Tucson, AZ
Real Estate Professional Tucson, Oro Valley AZ

It sounds like a pretty nice commute Kathy. It's certainly not like that around my area (Seattle). We have the picturesque views but the traffic is a real problem, you would never attempt to "count the cars" in this part of the country. I was recently in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island and it may be a little closer to what you are used to, at least traffic-wise. There are no traffic lights downtown and the only time things get crowded is when the car ferry arrives and unloads. I'm sure you appreciate the pleasures of small town life, we're all envious at times. When you have a minute and would like to know more about the San Juan Islands just visit

Aug 11, 2009 03:37 AM