LOC's For RE Investors and Builders & 100% Project Financing!!!

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LOC's For RE Investors and Builders & 100% Project Financing!!!

Business Lines of Credit from $500,000 to $2,000,000

- Term: 1 to 3 years with clear exit strategy.

- Industry focus: Will invest in a broad range of industries but our focus is on Real Estate Investors and Green Home Builders.

- Management teams must be able to demonstrate ability to manage an organization of comparable scale and complexity as the proposed investment. We look for management of integrity, commitment, experience, and dedication to growth. We expect management teams to have substantial equity stakes and be motivated to create shareholder value

-Security of the funds plus the returns and exit are key points that we take very critically.

We are interested to know what the money will be used for, how the investors get their money back and what will be the overall return or yield, what are the risks and what is the applicant risking. To start the submission process, please visit: www.comresinvestments.com/rebuilderloc

Lines of credit also available for Personal use and other types of business up to $500,000. Visit: www.comresinvestments.com/loc to submit your request. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Private Fund provides up to 100% financing

General parameters........

7-10 days to LOI, if accepted...... 7-10 days to Funding Agreement.............with detailed terms (as verbally negotiated over the previous week) Meet with Attorney for the Trust (if you desire to come to Florida).......this is optional.........can also be done on the phone. Deposit 5.5% of approved loan amount into Attorney's escrow account, for the Trust that is backing the loan….. or, provide SBLC equal to approx 7.5% of loan amount. First draw in approx 4 weeks from deposit............then, once a month (will be spelled out in the Funding letter, above). Generally, it will be a draw schedule.......... but, it can be slowed down, or, sped up, as progress dictates. After last draw............. the 5.5% initial deposit is returned to borrower.

Appraisal may, or may not be required............other 3rd party fees and site inspections may be required..........these would be the only other possible fees, in addition to the escrow deposit.

Lender will charge up to 3 points...which will include the broker fees.....which will be added to loan request... 3rd party reports and fees are case by case..... Interest rate should be in the 5.5% range.............fixed for 10 yrs.............. amortization will be between 10 & 20 yrs No prepayment penalty.


At completion....... interest starts to accumulate..........BUT...........can get up to a 12 month moratorium on making payments, which gives time to cash flow. Any accumulated interest will be added to the loan principle. A Mortgage will only be placed on the property, after the last draw.

This lender wants to make sure the project has every chance to succeed. They will fund up to 100% of the costs. Lender will ask for Joint Venture participation...........IF...........total loan is not secured by real estate. (Hotel projects have a 50-50 chance of requiring JV participation).

All the above statements are approximates, and each file is case by case. Projects not secured by real estate will have higher rates/terms. $5M minimum request.

The following documents need to be submitted to begin the review process. A full package consists of summary, bios, use of funds, pro forma, marketing plan, and letter indicating they are aware of the 5.5% or SBLC and are prepared to provide. Please send completed packages to comresinvest@aol.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Transactional Funding-Best Rates & Best Prices-We Beat The Competition!!!

One of the hottest programs being used in real estate investing these days is Transactional Funding. And when you close your first deal with us, you'll receive a "FREE BAHAMAS CRUISE!" Transactional Funding is a 1 day Bridge Loan that consummates short sale and flip transactions allowing "you" to simultaneously close to your end-buyer.

In this crazy real estate and mortgage market the days of “dry closings” is over. Title companies do not want to conduct simultaneous closings any longer because of the intense scrutiny from State and Federal regulators. They require that the first closing “stand alone”, by the investor bringing their own funds to the closing table. So what do you do if you don’t have the cash? Hard Money? No way!

Transactional funding is much cheaper than Hard Money and more profitable than not being able to close at all! WE WILL MEET OR BEAT ALL OTHERS ON PRICING AND RATES! You must have documentation in writing showing the competitors pricing. To contact us, please use the following link to submit your information:


Patrick B. Simmons President

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