Got a Great Listing or Just Sold? Want to tell the neighborhood? Think About Lead Store!

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 Got a great listing or just sold and you want to let the world know? Well, at least the neighborhood? Think about getting MOJO's Lead Store feature. This popular option lets you pull white pages phone listings for a street or several streets and import them directly into MOJO. Now you can easily call and tell the neighbors about your New Listing or Just Sold.

 Lead Store is available for a one-time fee (Unlike the other pay per month number look-ups), and it gives you unlimited access to all listed numbers in the US and Canada. You just enter in state, city, street and then search. It will pull up all the listed numbers on that street, which you can load into the MOJO Dialer to call.  Two easy steps and you are ready to dial. You can also create a neighborhood grouping, by pulling several streets sequentially. Or you can pull an entire zip code of numbers and use it as a cold call list. Call us today to ask about this exciting feature!

-Gail Copp, MOJO CSM

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