Turn The Real Estate Deal Upside Down!

Home Inspector with Holmes Inspection Company

Holmes Inspection Company wants to Reverse the Order of Business in the way that most people and real estate agents typically buy & sell Real Estate!

We want to promote the "No Surprises - No Headaches, Real Estate Deal" !!

Many Real Estate Agents and Sellers typically fear the home inspection. They're afraid that it will "Kill the Deal".

If you're going into a Real Estate Transaction from an honest and ethical standpoint - all parties should want full disclosure. The seller, the real estate agents, the lender and especially the buyer should all want full disclosure.

What is it, that the buyer is really buying and the seller is really selling??

Less Liability & Less Stress to everyone in the Real Estate Transaction

Holmes Inspection Company wants to turn the Real Estate Market in Kansas City on its head by doing the home inspection  UPFRONT at the time of listing - not at time of sale.

Buy a home or sell the home you live in with confidence. Avoid delays due to unknown conditions, and make your home stand out in the marketplace. A documented home inspection and home warranty (see our Limited Home Warranty) increase the odds of selling your home -- 82% of all homes with warranties sell faster and at a higher average price.

Protect your most important investment with an Annual Home Physical from Holmes Inspection.

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