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A special message tonight to everyone in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.  If you would like to help make a girl's dreams come true, please go to and cast a vote for CECILIA STANIEC.   

WJHL reporter David McAvoy reports today from Kingsport, TN on the Designer competition!

Kingsport Native Needs Your Help Becoming Next Kirkland's Designer

Kingsport Native Needs Your Help Becoming Next Kirkland's Designer

By David McAvoy
Digital Journalist/ WJHL
Published: August 11, 2009

A Kingsport native is looking for your help to become the next designer for the home decor store Kirkland's. Cecilia Hataway Staniec graduated from Dobyns-Bennett in 1991, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She is competing against 9 other hopefuls for the title of myKirkland's designer. On her profile, it lists the following as her "Quick Tip" :

I love to turn small spaces into cozy rooms! My best tips for creating a cozy retreat include:

1. Don't be afraid of color! Small rooms can really come alive with the right bold shade. If you're hesitant to color commit, pick up a few "sample size" paints and test them out in your small room! Check the color choices throughout the day to see how the light plays against them....pick one and go for it!

2. I can't emphasize it enough....get rid of the overstuffed furniture! Small spaces need furniture that is similar in scale. Huge, stuffed sofa/loveseat combos ruin the cozy aspects of a small room. Instead choose cleaner lines and more petite furniture pieces...perhaps a studio sofa and a pair of properly furnish your small space.

3. Create a focal point. If you don't have an automatic focal point such as a fireplace, create one using a tall piece of furniture or a piece of art. Keep the focal point simple, but obvious. The eye will have a lovely place to rest as it enters the room and your focal point will set the stage for the room's mood and decor.

To help Cecilia win the contest, all you have to do is click and vote at

(PLEASE NOTE:  After you vote, check your email in-box.  Open the email from Kirkland's to validate your vote!  Thanks!)


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