Asheville Home Inspector offering "phase inspections"

Home Inspector with Farris Home Inspections

       Farris Home Inspections inc. is now offering phase inspections for newly constructed homes in Asheville, North Carolina.  Working as a builder in the construction industry for the past 10 years I've witnessed practices that are far below standards and are sometimes missed by the city inspectors.  Any potential homeowner who is currenly having a home built should have an inspection by a licensed inspector for peace of mind.  You'll be given a full report of the condition of the home at different stages of the construction process.  This usually includes framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, decks, Sheetrock installation and so on.  The benefit is to have an inspector come in and check things out before the Sheetrock and siding go on the walls to cover all of the mistakes up.  With the kind of pressure that is put on builders and their employees these days to get things done as fast as possible, there will always be things missed.  We all know faster isn't better!

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