Being positive as a whole, who's fault is it really?

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First thing's first, I would like to start off by saying I am in no way generalizing or pointing a finger.  This post is to put my scattered thoughts on paper, so I apologize if I misspell any word or it seems scattered at times.

I have not been as active on this website in terms of posts or comments as I feel may be beneficial, but I do read articles regularly and it seems I have come across a common feel to certain articles.  I am referring to articles referencing short sales and how "lenders" aren't helping or don't care.  I cannot generalize, but I do not think this is fully true.  I know it can be aggravating when each scenario may be treated differently, but that's the nature of the business, each is different.  There are exceptions to rules that seem like there shouldn't be. 

The real tone of this post for me partially revolves around frustration.  I hear many people talking bad about lenders, realtors, lawyers, underwriters, etc.  I believe that we are all in this together.  No one is against anyone (exceptions to every rule).  This is an aggravating time but there are things to be grateful for.  I believe that we should help one another and stop focusing on the frustrations.  That, by no means, doesn't mean we aren't going to have them.  This is all about doing what's right for our clients and helping them to the best of our ability, it is not about us (for the most part).  I will hear, "I try but don't get anything from it."  My response is, so what.  We have chosen careers in this industry for certain reasons.  There are so many things to say about this topic, but also feel it's personal.  Can we end our days and weeks feeling good about what we did for our clients?  What can we do to help our business?  How will a positive attitude help us, and our clients?  How will positive attitudes benefit or change those around us?  There are so many questions.  On files that do not go through, naturally we need a description for reporting purposes, but I write down what I did to help as well.  I should probably extend that to every file and maybe remind myself regularly. 

This all seems very simple as we've heard these things for many years. What we practice is sometimes harder than what we advocate, naturally.  We can do the very best and act ethically in each transaction, and rest assured we did not prevent any progress.  It's not always about that one deal and the speed of which it closes, although I'm sure some would argue that point.  

In an effort to avoid rambling and save space and time, I will end of these thoughts:

Can one person make a difference?  What will each of us do for the good of ourselves and the whole?

Thank you for reading.

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