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What is the strangest thing you have found in a house?

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I was chatting with someone recently, and this question was asked.  What is the strangest thing you have found in a house?

My friend Brent Thomas, whose bread and butter is REOs, has much more interesting and sad tales than I do about things found in foreclosure houses. 

The strangest things I have found are usually more structural than bizarre.  The 1,500 sf house with 6 exterior doors.   The house clients still refer to as the "green house" - green exterior, green roof, green walls, green carpets, green tile, green, green, green.  The big square footage home broken into a bunch of small rooms.  There was the one with the fridge full of take out boxes, literally packed minus a few condiments, and the power had been turned off.  Boy, did we regret opening the fridge!

But today, I stumbled into a good one.  Funny, my friend Brent is the listing agent.

Besides the usual misgivings of a foreclosure house, this place kicked it up to a different level.  There is a short hallway off the kitchen that somebody painted in chalkboard paint.  There was all sorts of stuff written in chalk, most of it not appropriate for polite company, from drug culture language.  The kids rooms replicated the theme, this time in markers rather than chalk.  The rooms just had stuff written everywhere, little drawings, and little "poems" about death and war.   The entryway to what I presumed to be a closet had "Enter With Caution" written in bold black letters, and since there was no electricity to this dark space, we didn't enter at all.  The one bathroom floor had pastel tiles, olive green walls and cabinetry.  Interesting combination (don't try that in your home, please).   A lower level bedroom had one of those great 70's murals of a beach scene, but "customized."  I won't delve into that.  The garage had something strangely resembling a noose, and that is when we were sufficiently creeped out to leave.   The shame of it is this is a old grand dame 1910 house, that with the right person, could be a special place.

Apparently, the former owners were not the ones.

So, what is the strangest thing you have found in a house?

Shoshana Shay
St. Pete Realty - Treasure Island, FL

Darlene, I'm glad you weren't alone going through that house... that sounds truly bad!

Aug 12, 2009 02:37 PM
Jen Bowman
Keller Williams on the Water - Holmes Beach, FL
Realtor - Anna Maria Island & Bradenton FL

The strange one I showed was a house that had litter boxes in every bathroom shower, stacked. I don't think the people living there could possibly use the showers. There had to be 10 litter boxes in that house and cats were everywhere. It didn't show well to my very allergic buyer.

Aug 12, 2009 02:51 PM
Darlene Humphreys
Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty - Klamath Falls, OR
I love my job!

Shoshana - True!  It was just odd, very, very odd. 

Jen - Ew, sounds icky.  Maybe they thought hygiene was optional?

Aug 12, 2009 05:26 PM