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Publication houses are very busy businesses. With the books and other publications going through series of processes. A writer comes up with the original ideas and a rough draft followed by few revisions and then the final draft. After that the editors fine-tune the contents and polish the information in the most presentable form. Editors are in great demand these days due to large amounts of website content required.

There may be an author in China who is capable of writing marvelous books or articles, but not too well versed in English. Such an author would require the services of a professional editor and proofreader to make his book fit for English speaking audiences around the globe. Obviously, the services rendered by the editor has to be professional and affordable. For all such publication houses or website developers, there is 24/7virtualassistant.com.

24/7virtualassistant.com provides professional services to many companies including publication houses. The key services include editing and proof reading. The highly trained professionals render excellent services tailored to your needs. For a very low monthly fee you can hire the services of a professional assistant. You can instruct your assistant with the responsibilities and work you require.

Your assistant is reliable, improving your productivity. Being an on-line provider, the assistants are available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere over email or telephone. Your assistant can edit and proofread a wide variety of writing styles and genres such as fiction, non-fiction, management and self-help content, etc. They can also come up with innovative writing suggestions to improve the overall feel and flow of the content.

Hiring a 24/7 virtual assistant will help you to cut down your costs on professional editing and proof reading services. It will also increase productivity and efficiency. Publication houses or individuals can hire one assistant or an entire team of assistants, whatever you need.

A new added bonus at 24/7 Virtual Assistant is the re-seller program! 247VirtualAssistant.com will offer you plans at the lowest cost possible so that you can take those plans and resell them at your own price. There are no fees involved to start as a reseller(unless you want a site to be created). You can simply take our $299/month plan and resell it for $499/month on your site…Our site handles the transaction and the client signs up under your banner. As long as that client is signed up you receive $200/month($499 - $299 = $200) for this client. It’s that simple. You can track everything through your very own control panel and request money withdrawals whenever you like. Sign up today!

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