Clean Clothes Dryer Vents Reduce Damage to Environment Says the Wizard of New Hampshire

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Of course the greenest of clothes dryers is the clothesline; however, this is not considered an option for most people today.  So the thing to do is be conservative with the clothes dryer to reduce harmful impact to our environment while reducing energy cost.


Clean Clogged Dryer Vents


When you clean the lint filter after each load, notice how much lint is on it; realize that this is only about 60% of the lint that was removed from laundry; the other 40% escaped into the back of the dryer and the dryer ducts.  Dryer vent cleaning is recommended annually to prevent excessive lint build-up. 


Clogged dryer vents reduce air flow, causing your dryer to work harder and run longer to dry a load of laundry.  This is a waste of energy.  Clogged dryer vents cause your dryer to cost an additional $300 per year to operate.


Failure to clean dryer vents is the number one cause of dryer fires; over 15,000 occur each year.  Take steps to reduce lint build up and have professional dryer vent cleaning performed annually to keep your dryer operating safely and efficiently.


Don't Over-load the Dryer


Over-loading the dryer causes wear on the appliance due to the weight being more than the dryer was designed to handle.  It reduces the efficiency of the dryer because air needs to circulate between the clothes for them to dry.


Dry heavier items separate from light weight clothes and do back to back, full loads of laundry.   Don't allow the dryer to cool down between loads; take advantage of the pre-heated dryer to start the next load. 


When the time comes to purchase a new dryer, choose one with a cool-down cycle and automatic dry cycle.  New dryers have moisture sensors that automatically stop your dryer when clothes are dry.  This reduces drying time, saves energy and prolongs the life of your clothing as it prevents over-drying.


Proper use of the dryer and cleaning dryer vents will reduce wear on the appliance, prevent premature repairs, save energy and prevent a dryer fire.  That's a huge savings compared to the cost of professional dryer vent cleaning.  Dryer manufacturers recommend dryer vents be cleaned annually to keep your dryer operating safely and efficiently.


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