Coral Springs, FL Dryer Vent Cleaners Educate Consumers while Providing Dryer Vent Repair Service

Services for Real Estate Pros with Dryer Vent Wizard of Palm Beaches

Horatio Chiorean goes the extra mile, providing professional service and spending time with customers explaining how their dryer vent system works and offering tips to conserve energy


Coral Springs, FL -- "Don't Let your dryer start a fire; keep your home safe and sound," is Dryer Vent Wizard's marketing campaign.  Over 15,000 house fires resulting in deaths, injuries and millions of dollars in damages occur each year as a result of clogged dryer vent systems.  In addition clothes dryers with clogged dryer vents cost substantially more money to operate.


Horatio Chiorean owns and operates Dryer Vent Wizard, serving the Palm Beach and Broward County, Florida areas.  Dryer Vent Wizard is a national franchise company specializing in dryer fire prevention and dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation.  They were founded in 2004 and they currently have over 50 franchise locations in the US.


During a recent interview, we asked Horatio what makes him different from his competitors; he answered, "We educate our customers.  Not only will they receive the highest quality expert service in the industry, but they will also learn how to keep their dryer operating safely and efficiently to prevent fires and save on their energy bills.  Our commitment is to educate the public of the hazards within a dryer vent in addition to performing an important service."


Dryer Vent Wizard of Palm Beach along with its fellow nationwide franchisees is committed to preventing dryer fires by educating the public about the dangers of not maintaining the dryer venting system.   Dryer Vent Wizard of Palm Beach provides dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation according to the most recent standards and building codes.  Visit to learn more.


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