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Sugar coating and short sales...not a good combo!

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When it comes to short sales I feel that you better not be sugar coating anything to your buyers. I just closed one this last Friday at noon and we finally got approval at 5:30 that afternoon and then we still had to change an addendum and get that back to them on time.

The listing agent is trying to communicate with a negotiator who really doesn't care either way as long as she gets paid.You sit on pins and needles waiting and waiting and then you finally get an acceptance. I was so glad I was upfront with my buyers of what the worst case scenarios were right from the start. They knew going into this that it was going to be a roller coaster ride.Now on the other hand this whole deal could of turned out very badly. When I say badly, I mean for myself. With every bit of good news on the progress, I would also tell them what the bad news could be. By doing this I was able to keep them excited about the house but also realistic about the chance of losing it. If I wouldn't have done this and they lost the deal who do you think they would blame for not being totally informed? In this particular case everything went in our favor and they were able to obtain a great home for a great price. In the end could my clients say that I was being honest with them throughout the whole process and never sugar coated anything?

You bet!!!!!!!