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The meaning of Social Media for Baby Boomers looking forward to live abroad -- The Social Media Revolution

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What is The meaning of Social Media for Baby Boomers looking forward to live abroad, travel abroad, invest abroad?
What is the meaning of Social Media for Service Providers?

Moving to a new country is not  easy but new technologies like Social Media, Online Communities & Social Networks, like Boomers Abroad, can make this transition much smoother. It is impressive to be able to break distances and time.  It is great to be able to make your homework from your home before you travel. It is outstanding to make friends and contact people that already live where you want to move.

Online social communities have begun popping up all over the internet. As an expatriate, these type of Social Networks can be an incredible resource as you transition to your new country. Whether you are looking for Information, education, alternatives, meet new friends, locate old ones, or gain professional contacts, you are bound to find the people you are looking for online. If you haven't yet relocated to your new country yet, now is a great time to join these type of online communites. Create a profile and begin adding friends. As your network expands, you may find that your current friends already have contacts in your new country. They could introduce you, and then you would already have acquaintances there when you arrive. Already living in your new country? These type of social communities also have groups you can join to meet others with a similar interest.

Traveling? Don't be a tourist, befriend a local before you leave with Boomers Abroad Online Community and Social Network. One of the greatest joys and experiences with traveling is meeting individuals who actually live in the area you will be visiting. Who better to meet than the "locals" and people  from your area that has moved to that specific destination. Chances are they will be your best tour guides.

Even that I did not like the music, it is really worth to watch this video, which will give you an idea of the power of  Social Media.